Strictly Come Dancing The Live Tour

Sheffield Motorpoint Arena Tuesday, January 28 and Wednesday, January 29

I DON’T have children and I’m yet to walk down the aisle, so I can easily count this as the best experience of my life.

OK, that may be a little over the top, but I haven’t been so giddy with excitement as I was on arrival at the arena on the first night of the tour’s two-day stopover.

Just walking in felt magical as the arena had been transformed into the Strictly Come Dancing set that I’ve been glued to every year on TV since 2006.

I felt like I was finally at Television Centre and Tess and Bruce could pop out at any minute.

I’m not afraid to admit it, I am a Strictly superfan, and could probably ace it as my specialist subject on Mastermind (if I wasn’t competing against my mum).

But, I have never had the urge to go and watch the live tour; I’ve always detested these spin-offs and seen them as a cash cow.

Check out the rest of reporter Adele’s review in the Scene this Friday, or there is still time to catch it for yourself tonight at the arena before it Waltzes off!


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