Speeding Chuckle Brother: "I'm a careful driver"

OH dear, oh dear...that was doubtless the reaction from Chuckle Brother Paul Elliott when he was caught speeding.

The Rotherham-born panto star took a speed awareness course after being caught going 48mph on a 40mph zone.

But he insisted he was a “careful driver”, adding: “I’ve never been done before in 50 years of driving.”

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Paul (68), was said he didn’t know the speed limit had dropped just before he was “flashed” by a camera.

“I was going shopping with my wife and coming into Doncaster on the Great North Road which is 50mph,” he said.

“I was only doing 48mph going past a lorry, then realised it had changed to 40mph. I never saw it.”

Paul, who volunteered to go on the four-hour course run by road safety education organisation, the TTC Group, on behalf of South Yorkshire Police, added: “It surprised me how many people didn’t know the laws of the road.”

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Some thought that a single carriageway was a 70mph limit when it is 60mph, others were unaware about the rules of white chevrons and stopping distances, he said.

“It doesn’t do any harm to attend a course. You can pick up driving tips and refresh your knowledge,” added Paul, who admitted he couldn’t resist one joke when the trainer asked the best way to reduce fuel consumption.

“I said to tell the wife to get out and it did raise a laugh,” said Paul.

The TTC Group is a road safety education and training organisation which runs courses on behalf of police and employers’ across the UK to cut road casualties.

Driver error is the major cause of most crashes each year with a recorded 1,775 people killed and almost 200,000 injured in 2014.

Visit www.ttcgroup-uk.com for more information or call 0330 113 113.