Space spectacular on the horizon

SPECTACULAR space scenes feature in a new photographic exhibition.

The Royal Photographic Society’s display, International Images for Science, comes to the Gallery at the Barnsley Civic on Saturday and will be available to view until February 7.

Exhibition co-ordinator Dr Afzal Ansary said: “The exhibition is a stunning, colourful, visual feast.

“What is particularly exciting is that the images highlight the crucial role that photography continues to play in modern science, illustrating the work of scientists and as an essential research tool.

“This year’s exhibition is outstanding in the breadth of subjects and the quality of work shown.

“These incredible images range from far-away galaxies to subatomic particles, using specialist imaging techniques.

“Together they represent many, but still only a small fraction of applications of diverse photographic methods currently in use.

“Chosen by an expert panel of scientific photographers and scientists, the pictures will inform, question and inspire.”

The exhibitions are free admission. For more information visit or call the Box Office on 01226 327000.


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