Sherlocks celebrate number four album and tease homecoming gig plans

FOUR albums down, four band members working their socks off - and a Number Four album to show for it.

The Sherlocks fell just short in their valiant bid for the top spot, drummer Brandon Crook said the Bolton on Dearne-formed Sherlocks were “buzzing” when the news came in on Saturday morning that People Like Me & You had secured them their first top five placing.

“I always said we definitely wanted to get top 10 again, and if we could push for a top five we would be absolutely buzzing,” added Brandon, whose brother Kiaran is the band’s singer.

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“It just so happened we found ourselves in a ridiculous position where we were number two in midweek so you’d have been daft not to go for number one.

“It’s just a lottery what week you fall on and who you’re up against, so in the end we were just genuinely so happy that we can see progression from the last album to this - we’ve sold double the number of albums this time.”

The band toasted their success with their own pilsner beer, which they launched on Monday and proved a sell-out within hours, and revealed plans to go big next year with a massive homecoming show.

In release week, the Sherlocks’ usually relentless touring schedule sped up like a record switched from 33rpm to 78, with a string of “in-stores” - acoustic sets, signing sessions and meet-and-greets - bookended by long trips in their van.

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The band and their manager – Brandon’s and Kiaran’s dad Mick - criss-crossed the country, visiting Middlesbrough, Wrexham, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Manchester, Liverpool and London as well as packing in a day manning their own pop-up shop in Sheffield.

It left their van burnt out - and the band similarly exhausted - but Brandon said it was all worth it.

“It still blows my mind now like going down south and meeting people who are so into our band - that’s the best part,” he said.

“We all make a real effort with every single person who comes down because you can see how much it means to them

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“That’s what keeps you going - you think it is more than just us trying to sell a few albums, we actually mean so much to people.

“We go to Lancashire, Scotland or Madrid and people start chanting: ‘Yorkshire, Yorkshire!’ which is great, especially in Lancashire!”

Brandon revealed Jonny Yerrell, the frontman of Rotherham’s chart-topping The Reytons, had sent him a good luck message in the week and said the two bands had a lot in common.

“It's not a coincidence that you’ve got two hard-working bands from South Yorkshire that are absolutely flying,” he added.

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Putting their feet up has never been the Sherlocks’ style, but Brandon said he’d managed to fit in a trip to Scarborough and Filey and aimed to take a bit of time off.

Things keep moving in the Sherlocks world, though - on Monday, they launched their own new pilsner beer, which sold out almost straight away, and they are well underway with plans to open their own music venue in Lincoln.

“I don't think it would be us if we took our foot off the gas,” Brandon said.

“I’m liking the look of the UK tour because that will be three days on and five days off.

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“But on the European tour we have something like 17 gigs in 11 countries in 21 days - that will be quite demanding so not as much drinking on that one!”

As for next year, there are plans for a possible live album and, perhaps most exciting of all, a massive homecoming gig.

“We're looking at doing a massive outdoor show in Yorkshire somewhere,” revealed Brandon.

“One big show where it can be a party for everyone who’s into our band, a big celebration together.”

The Sherlocks certainly have much to celebrate - and Brandon is clear who that’s down to.

“It’s us four, our dad, and the fans,” he insisted. “We’re nothing without them.”