Rotherham youngsters star in BBC drama Moorside

Nicole and Jasmin ParkinsonNicole and Jasmin Parkinson
Nicole and Jasmin Parkinson
DID YOU tune into BBC One drama The Moorside on Tuesday night?

If you did, you may have seen several young stars from round our way, alongside accomplished Rotherham actor Dean Andrews and BAFTA award winner Sheridan Smith.

The two-part mini-series documents the efforts of neighbours to find nine-year-old Shannon Matthews, who was the victim of a kidnapping hoax orchestrated by her mum in 2008.

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Shannon is played by twins Nicole and Jasmin Parkinson (8), from Lindrick Common, South Anston, who appear in person and on posters held by characters searching for Shannon.

The twins’ proud mum Alison Parkinson (41) was approached by the Tykes 2000 casting agency over the role of Shannon as her girls had been in Shameless and Doctors before.

In fact, they first appeared on the box aged just 18 weeks old.

The twins spent two days on set for The Moorside.

“They’re very excited to see themselves on the telly again,” said Alison.

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Joe Mellors (12), of Spinneyfield in Moorgate, was an extra on the show, and has been on TV since the age of four, with parts in DCI Banks and Peaky Blinders.

Joe Mellors.

Mum Jill Mellors (50) said: “He’s used to being on a film set now and he wants to be an actor. He was in a few crowd shots on The Moorside — he loved it.

“He is normally in bed for 9pm, but he stayed up and watched on Monday. He was very excited to see himself.”

Hannah Rogan (13), of Hoodhill Road in Harley, will appear in next week’s episode as another background character.

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Mum Kate Rogan (56) said on Tuesday: “We watched last night and Hannah didn’t appear, but she recognised her friends from Tykes 2000.”

Kyra Wallace (7), Herringthorpe, was also on set for one day of filming.

Kyra Wallace.

Mum Kylie Lewis (28) said: “She’s done some commercials before, but this was her first role in a drama.”

Part two of The Moorside will air on BBC One at 9pm on Tuesday, February 14.