Richard Knight Clairvoyant Evening

MORE THAN 80 people attended the first of the Rotherham Advertiser’s clairvoyant evenings with Richard Knight.

Many of the audience were visiting Richard for the first tim, so if they were used to a certain pattern at a physic evening, they were in for a surprise.

In the first half of the evening, Richard received messages for several people in the audience and also asked all attending to take a crystal from the table in front of him and write a personal, meaningful message on the crystal but not to share that message with anyone.

To open the second half, Richard demonstrated the bending of a spoon through mind concentration. This took place in front of the whole audience and a volunteer from the audience then tried to bend a metal key with instructions from Richard. The audience were then engaged in helping the volunteer to make the key bend through concentrating with their crystals. This successful demonstration amazed the audience.  

Richard then continued with his messages and by touching the hand of one member of the audience, he correctly told her the name of her partner who was trying to get a message to her.

With in-depth reading for several of the people attending on the night and with the added paramormal displays, this was a clairvoyant night with a difference.

Richard will be appearing again at the Pastures Lodge in November, look out for further details appearing in the Advertiser nearer the time.