REVIEW: Getting in the Christmas spirit at Abbeydale Picture House

A CHRISTMAS classic in one of Sheffield’s finest buildings made for an extremely enjoyable evening on the run-up to the big day.
Abbeydale Picture HouseAbbeydale Picture House
Abbeydale Picture House

Throw into the mix some fine street food and one or two festive-themed cocktails and Christmas was well and truly in full swing.

Heading into Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield for the first time, I was taken aback by the sheer grandeur and scale of this magnificent space.

A hidden jewel in Sheffield’s crown for sure, work is currently being done to restore this historic building back to its former splendour, and I for one can’t wait to see the results.

We were there on Saturday evening to see a showing of one of my favourite Christmas tales, Gremlins.

Okay, so it might not be the feel-good film that has the whole family hooked, but its dark humour and 80s vibe make it one of the best for me.

To see it projected on the large screen was quite something, and with the hordes of revellers looking for some Christmas cheer in the main auditorium all wrapped up warm (there was little internal heating), it made the atmosphere all the more cosy and snug.

Luckily the warnings beforehand to wrap up warm were heard by the majority in the room as it was quite nippy, particularly as the film wore on into its latter stages.

People brought blankets and hats, supped on hot chocolates and ate delicious artisan burgers and pies.

And when the film was over, the large cannon on stage shot confetti high into the Picture House ceiling, which fell back down like delicate snowflakes. Perfect.

It was a great night and a unique way to watch a film that meant so much to me growing up.

Organised and put on by The Village Green Events, they’ve also had success showing spooky Halloween films in barns on the outskirts of the city. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events.

I’d love to see something organised in one of the grand rooms of Wentworth Woodhouse. It could provide the perfect backdrop for the screening of a period drama classic!