Popular holiday destinations for seniors

Photo by Guillaume Marques on UnsplashPhoto by Guillaume Marques on Unsplash
Photo by Guillaume Marques on Unsplash
Getting older doesn't mean you have to sit behind the geraniums. Even when you're older, holidays can still be full of excitement and adventure.

Spanish Islands

If you would like to go on holiday a little closer to home, but would like to enjoy the warmer temperatures, Spain simply cannot be beat. This is especially true of the Spanish Islands. It is often thought that the Spanish islands are only suitable for young people, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In the summer months, the islands are inundated with young people from all corners of Europe, but during the rest of the year, the focus is more on welcoming the older generations. It is a lot quieter on the islands than in the summer months, but the weather is still pleasant at 15 degrees. Just off the Spanish coast are the Balearic Islands, consisting of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Whereas there is not much to do on Ibiza outside summer, Mallorca and Menorca are a better choice for your sunshine laden holiday.

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Do you prefer to look further away, but still want to enjoy the Spanish sun and hospitality? Then you can visit one of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco. The rugged nature, secluded beaches and expansive volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote and Tenerife, among others, will certainly appeal to you.


Bali is an island in the west of Indonesia and can be the ideal holiday destination to escape the harsh winter weather in the UK. Bali is well-adjusted to the elderly and therefore you can fully enjoy the peace, space and relaxation that is noticeable here. The temperatures are also pleasant throughout the year, and you can enjoy the authentic Indonesian cuisine.

For those who like to be among people, Sanur is highly recommended. Sanur is a tourist resort east of the capital Denpasar. Because the sea is calm, the beaches are wide and there are enough possibilities for good food or shopping, this resort is very popular with couples and seniors. Do you prefer peace and quiet, as week as luxury? Then Nusa Dua might be a better option. Here, you can completely isolate yourself from the outside world and indulge in total relaxation at one of the many spas in the area.


This state in the south-eastern United States is often referred to as the 'state of the elderly'. This is due to the fact that not only American seniors, but also seniors from abroad tend to settle here, which means that the average age in the entire state is higher than in the rest of the United States. The favourable climate, sandy beaches, clear blue seawater and vibrant city life make people want to enjoy their old age here.

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But Florida is more than that, and you certainly do not have to sit still all the time. Miami, for example, is one of the hippest and most vibrant cities in the United States, and you can marvel at the many jet-setters jostling for attention and the many celebrities to be spotted there. Florida is also known for its many amusement parks and if you want to feel young again, you should definitely visit Disney World, Sea World, EPCOT Center

If you prefer peace and quiet, you can visit the Everglades National Park, a unique ecosystem in the south of Florida. To fully experience this park, it is best to take an airboat trip, which gives you the best chance to get acquainted with the diverse swamp life. You can relax on the Florida Keys, a group of islands on the south coast of Florida. The islands are distinguished not only by their location, but also by their culture and nature. You will notice that a more relaxed atmosphere prevails here than in the rest of Florida and you do not have to look far to find a secluded spot where you can completely relax.

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