Play brings pathos and dark humour to Rotherham Civic

THEATRE group Rotherham Rep will continue its season with their own take of David Nobbs’ novel Second from Last in the Sack Race.

Set between 1935 and 1953 the story follows the young Henry Pratt in his battles with the world, saddled with too much imagination, not enough weight and no social graces. However, regardless of the ups and downs little Pratt experiences he proves he can stick up for himself with the stoic good nature of the great British.

The group promise fun and entertainment when they perform at Rotherham Civic Theatre later this month.

The performance will follow an account of heroic failure full of sharp observations, humour, pathos and a wonderfully lugubrious dark humour brimming with northern nous.

Directed by Steve Radford, The Rep production features some well known faces including Elaine Demaine, Laurence Hayward, Trish Lister, Dave Mitchell and Sheila Kay.

Those who saw Rep’s last production — The Perfect Murder, will remember Steven Coward in the role of the wife’s toy boy. 

In Second from Last in the Sack Race Steven still plays a boy, but this time there is no ‘toy# element as the role is that of the young Henry Pratt.  

Second to Last in the Sack Race is at Rotherham Civic Theatre from November 22 to 25, with shows starting at 7.30pm.

Single adult tickets are priced at £9, with concessions for all shows £8.

They are available from the Civic Theatre’s box office by calling 01709 823621 or 01709 823640 or visit