Nature's best breakfast: kingfisher caught in action at Ulley reservoir

YOU have to be up with the lark — or the kingfisher — to snap a stunning photo like this/these.

Rotherham sharp-shooter Jimmy Mousley was out of bed early to hook a series of shots to relish of a kingfisher in the act of having its breakfast.

The colourful bird with its distinctive plumage had hopped on a perch for a little refreshment at Ulley Reservoir when it was caught on camera.

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Jimmy, who uses a Nikon P1000, said he had spotted a couple of feathered residents around the banks of the reservoir.

“There are some tree branches in the water, and this is the spot where the male kingfisher likes to fish,” he said.

“I’m hoping to get the juvenile ones later in the year.

“The best time to see them is very early morning.”

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