My World: The many faces of Joe Cawthorn

I must have one of those faces – this is the only reason I can think of as to why I get told, on almost a daily basis, that I look like a “celebrity”.

There have been some beauties over the years, and some that keep occurring time and time again.

Personally, I don’t think I look like any of the people who friends, family and even strangers say I look like. But hey – I must just have one of those faces.

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I wouldn’t mind half as much if it was David Beckham, George Clooney or Brad Pitt, but repeatedly it is a minor Z-list nobody who I have to Google just to see who they are!

Some people may think this isn’t a bad thing, that maybe you could use it as a tool for free drinks or whatever lookalikes use their faces for.

I can confirm it is horrendous. The look of disappointment on people’s faces when for that split second they have seen a TV personality, only to realise moments later it is me - a short, tubby 23-year-old from Rotherham.

Their faces melt, their dreams are crushed, and all because it is me they are looking at.

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So, who have I actually been told I look like then? If we start in at the top with the person I get the most and work down, then that might give you an idea of the variation in the spectrum of people I have been told I look like.


This is the one I get on a semi-regular basis. Usually from heavily intoxicated people in pubs and clubs who want a picture taken with me. Looking at him, I think we are miles apart. His teeth look like they cost a fair bit, mine are free.

And who is this guy, anyway?


He doesn’t even have dark eyes people! But yes, on numerous occasions I have been told I look like the least funny comedian on the circuit today. Personally, I don’t see it one bit, and for that I am grateful.


I do love food, and anyone who knows me will know that I honestly love food. But not as much as this guy! The American TV star and Tottenham Hotspur fan has lost a ton of weight since finishing the eating challenge programme, and I’m not sure whether the comparison is made before or after this.


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Obviously this one is pretty recent, with him only being on the TV over the last couple of months. But from what I can gather, he was on the failing singing competition last year, as I received one or two texts then. But with him being back this year, the amount of people who have said it has sailed through the roof. Texts, tweets, Facebook, you name it! I heard he got voted off last week, maybe now he’ll disappear and let me be me again?


Seriously? Just no.




This one came from a colleague in the office which actually gave me the idea for this topic. Her words were ‘like a thinner version of Hurley from Lost’ - thanks Claire.

There are others who have been mentioned, Peter Andre, Danny from the Script and Cesc Fabregas to name a few, but none as many as the ones above.

Personally, in case you are wondering, I think I bear no resemblance to the people above.

So it may be worth bearing in mind the next time you say a friend looks like someone, maybe they just want to look like themselves?