My World: That's one ticked off the bucket list

We all have some sort of bucket list.

Whether we consciously sit down and make a list of things we want to achieve in our lives or whether it is more of a passing thought every now and again, at some point we will all of have said: “I would love to visit...,” or “I have to meet ...”

I must say I am more in the second category.

Although I have a few things that I would like to do with myself, I’m not structured enough to sit down and tick them off one by one.

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But this week, one thing I have wanted to do since I was a little nipper actually happened.

If you have bought your copy of the Advertiser already, you may have glanced upon the front cover of this week’s Scene pullout.

In there is my interview with Rotherham legends The Chuckle Brothers, who returned to the town this week to perform their show, The Chuckles of Oz, at the Rotherham Civic.

I went along and managed to speak to both Barry and Paul Elliott in their changing room after the show. All right, it might not be on a par with meeting David Beckham or the Queen, but for me, it was special.

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I’ve had an affinity with the comedy duo since I was young, watching ChuckleVision like so many others on TV after school.

The local scenery, accents and sayings made me feel like a little bit of Rotherham had done well and that anything was possible, even when you come from a small northern town.

It proved to me that you didn’t have to speak the Queen’s English or have perfectly maintained hair to get on in life, I was proud that they came from my home town.

And that feeling hasn’t wavered over the years. I’m not ashamed to say I go and watch their show at the Civic every year, usually with my family.

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So getting to meet them after the show and realising just what down-to-earth, ordinary men they were, was an ambition of mine fulfilled.

It might not be as ‘epic’ as seeing the Great Wall of China or swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, but for me – it was top notch.

So that’s one tick on my bucket list, maybe next I can meet Brian Blessed?

What’s on your bucket list? And have you achieved anything on it yet? Let me know by tweeting @josephcawthorn

You can read the full interview about the show and their recent success on the nightclub scene in today’s Rotherham Advertiser.