My World: I think my girlfriend might be hinting at something...

Ok, so from that title you’re probably thinking marriage, babies, that sort of thing, right?

Wrong, she is hinting (heavily I may add) at something much furrier and with four legs. That’s right, she wants a dog.

Have you noticed that EVERYONE seems to be getting a dog lately?

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Maybe it’s just in my family and friends circles, I’m not sure, but it seems at every turn, every visit, every meeting, someone has just got a dog.

Whether it be a puppy from a breeder or an older canine from a rescue centre, they are everywhere at the minute.

We were sitting on the settee last night watching Gogglebox for a lack of anything else on and we noticed at least three or four of the families had puppies on their laps.

My girlfriends mum and dad have just got themselves a little dog from the rescue centre in Bawtry.

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We were recently on babysitting duties for her brother’s new dog while they took a family holiday away. As nice as it was, it only fanned the flames of my girlfriend’s apparent need for a furry friend.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I have ever met anyone in my life who loves the furry little four-legged best friends as much as my other half.

She would make a great dog owner, of that I have no doubt.

But that doesn’t mean I need to be shown Youtube videos of dogs on rocking horses, dogs dreaming or dogs with funny haircuts 24/7.

Before all this began I was happy with our current contingent of pets. Two goldfish we have had for a number of years, named Ziggy and Stardust, that I bought for her for Valentine’s Day about three years ago.

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But I must be getting ground down, I must be caving in to the constant pressure.

I now find myself cooing and ‘awwwing’ at pugs, chihuahuas and sausage dogs. Her plan is working.

Not that I mind too much, I’m starting to think getting a dog might not be such a bad idea...

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