MOTORS REVIEW: Top five Electric Vehicles in 2019

WITH zero emissions electric vehicles (EV) dominating the political agenda in 2019 and motorists continuing to flock towards SUVs, the car buying ended the decade in a confusing state.

Until Government makes a determined effort to deter consumers from diesel once and for all through taxation, though, car buyers still have a choice to make.

Perhaps the most complex transport choice since the dawn of the last century’s conundrum about whether to ditch horse emissions for those of a car.

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Soon we’ll brief you on the very best vehicles emerging in to the EV sector but, for now, TOM SHARPE has compiled our top five of 2019 in a straight forward ranking based on value, build quality and drivability.

Kia e-Niro

While supplies dictate an off putting wait for delivery, the possibility of a genuine 300-mile electric range in a practical crossover body makes the e-Niro our Car of the Year 2019.

Here's what I said: “Truly I can imagine owning an e-Niro and never feeling the burden of range anxiety. To my eyes this car has won the race to allow us to truly consider EV and transport for the masses.”

Peugeot 508 508 SW

Peugeot has succeeded in making a real design statement with its 508 and 508 SW (estate).

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I said: “My reservations about Peugeot’s apparent elevation above its previous heartland as a rival for Ford and Vauxhall have finally been set aside with a drive in the 508 SW.”

Toyota Corolla

The British-built Toyota Corolla might be available only as a petrol hybrid, but it’s the finest the Japanese brand has created to date.

I said: “Where the Corolla excels is in its fuel consumption and emissions, with diesel-rivalling 55.4 to 65.9mpg and 83g/km CO2 emissions claims.”

BMW 330d Touring

late entry but one which championed diesel power with a dynamic flourish.

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I wrote: “The biggest compliment I can summon for the BMW 330d Touring is that I could see myself living with one for a very long time, and remaining wholly satisfied with it.”

Lexus UX

Another hybrid makes my top five thanks to Toyota’s refinement of its system for 2019 and Lexus’s entry into a new market segment.

I said: “The UX proved itself to be a stylish and frugal alternative to Audi’s Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA."