Millers need a Plan B

ANOTHER game, another defeat, another football lesson!

When are we going to realise our mistakes and alter things? Instead of just hoofing the ball aimlessly up field to a lonely M Smith, get it on the floor, pass it through midfield, get to the byline, get Smith where he should be, in the middle for those crosses.

Our best two home performances, Derby and Sheffield United we did this and competed brilliantly, then our last two matches, Preston, ok we won, but the final ten minutes we didn’t bring men up for corners and free kicks delighting in taking it to the flag to play out time, hanging on. Then the Brentford game, beginning of the second half we dare not cross the half way line and got our just rewards, losing again.

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We just cannot defend deep, when are we going to set up in a game to go out and win instead of trying not to lose? Yes we are aware we are not as privileged with million pound players and yes we know ours put in a shift but, we are getting fed up of plan A and no plan B. Come on Paul, we can do better.


Peter Allott, Swinton Miller