Memorial plaque to fallen RAF pilot restored after being found

A MEMORIAL plaque to an RAF pilot who died while on active service has been restored after it went missing.

Treeton Parish Council said the brass plate remembering Pilot Officer Douglas Edwards near the former colliery site had been removed from its base on January 30 before a councillor found it during a litter pick.

The 22-year-old, from Middlesex, was killed on December 21, 1954, after his Gloster Meteor F. Mk 8 plane reportedly crashed on a hillside and exploded.

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His body was found 150 yards away from the aircraft, which was one of three Meteors to crash on the same day.

He is now buried at Retford Road Cemetery, Worksop.

The parish council said the plaque has now been reattached and warned people not to tamper with it.

“We are delighted to share that the Douglas Edwards Memorial Plaque has now been re-attached to the memorial stone, bringing it back to its original condition,” a spokesperson said.

“The parish council has made every effort to ensure that the plaque has been fixed more     securely, without detracting from its overall aesthetics.

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“We urge all residents and visitors to the area to please respect the memorial and leave it in the condition they found it.

“Unfortunately, no matter where the memorial is placed, there will always be a risk of damage and vandalism.

“There always has to be an element of trust with these things and we hope that people can be respectful of the memorial moving forward.”

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