Love gets hotter for the otters

Captain Jack has heard some heart-warming news after learning lonely Lukha the otter has found love again at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

AHOY there, ship mates!

The smooth coat otter got a new lease of life after three-year-old Annie arrived at the park, five months after his partner passed away.

Eight-year-old Lukha and Annie met nose to nose in the otter house as they were slowly introduced to each other under close supervision. The couple are now almost inseparable as they roam and enjoy the Himalayan Pass enclosure at the 150-acre park, near Doncaster.

Josh Luxton, deputy team leader of the aquatics section, said: “It has been great seeing how well Lukha and Annie are getting along, and it is lovely that Lukha has a female companion again.

“Lukha has always been very laid back and chilled so we always knew he would adjust very quickly to having a new room-mate.

“It has been amazing to see Lukha following Annie everywhere.”

Annie came from Wingham Wildlife Park, in Kent, and is sister and litter-mate of the park’s previous female smooth coat otter, Mayan, who passed away in May.