LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Could it be the end for our town?

WHY oh why does Rotherham Council fail to understand that Rotherham is not an affluent town any more?

I have heard tales about the outrageous prices charged at the Rotherham Show.

Drugs are the items of choice to the local populous. Shops used to exist on Effingham Street but now it’s the pervading smell of drugs. Rotherham has RIP written all over it.

Buses, that’s another point. People don’t come into Rotherham because there’s nothing there. Bus fares don’t cater for the unemployed. Even if you find something to purchase, it’s a question of will my bus turn up? It’s all a mess.

If you venture into Rotherham, get out quick, beggars galore, pickpockets etc.

What a legacy.

RIP Rotherham.

Mrs Janet Parsons