LETTER: Hungry for change

MANY British people are hungry to see a change in the way we do politics.

The search for a Brexit that we all can live with has taken up a huge amount of time and money — how could it not?  It is important. As a result however, domestic politics has been left behind and the recent call for an election means that parties need to rethink the philosophy which guides them.

The Tory Party seems unsure about this. Austerity has clearly not worked and has left many people feeling very angry. It has left public services underfunded and ordinary working people struggling to make ends meet while those that are better off have prospered from tax cuts.  

The Labour membership has given this a lot of thought and, tried to build a philosophy around the “Many Not The Few”, which includes the economy, the social landscape and the environment. This means looking at those things that are  clearly not working, such as Transport, Housing and other Public Services and  considering how they  can be managed more effectively and better funded. Asking people who earn £80,000 per year or more, to pay a bit more (one or two per cent), as well as chase those who avoid paying tax altogether is agreed by economists to be fair and workable. We do not need or want to sell off any more of our precious goods and services.

In addition we have a Labour leader who is decent, honest and trustworthy. He is the one MP who consistently claimed the least in expenses, where there is no smidgeon of scandal, and who talks articulately about the things that matter such as the environment and schools.  

It is time for some serious thought when you go to the ballot box.

Jo Burton, Dinnington