Leanne cashes in on Lady Gaga-mania: WATCH

THIS is Leanne Green who took a risk walking out of her day job to pursue a career on the stage as one of the world's top pop acts.

But the gamble has paid off big time .

The 23-year-old is now earning around £600-a-night touring the country dressed in leotards and sequinned sunglasses as the award-winning Lady Gaga.

Leanne, who has a one-year-old daughter, said that she was leading a double life as the glamorous superstar at night and a geeky mum in the day.

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But with her diary booked up well into next year, the former call centre worker said she was having the time of her life performing Bad Romance, Poker Face and other Gaga classics.

Watch Leanne perform. See the bottom of this page.

“It’s absolutely crazy,” she said.”

"But it is amazing. I’m being double booked and the job is taking me all over the country.

“I still can’t believe how much it has taken off, all from one show reel on a website. “I feel really honoured to be able to do a job I love for a living and still see so much of my family.

“I’ve got at least two gigs a week for the next few months and around Christmas it goes up to four a week.

“I’m having the time of my life.”

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Leanne started singing at 19 and was working as part of a duo before she received news that she was expecting her first child and decided to get a “proper job.”

But just months into her new role, the former Wath Comprehensive student, decided she had to get back into performing, not as herself but as the award winning singer.

And thanks to some hair dye, severe make-up and eye-catching Lycra, within weeks of walking out, Leanne was in demand.

She said: “When I found out I was pregnant, I thought I should be a grown up and get a reliable job but I hated it.

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“All of a sudden I got up from my desk, walked out and had to explain to my partner why I was home so early.”

After spending hours watching the bizarre star’s mannerisms, live shows and music videos, Leanne approached an agent and put together a show reel as both herself and as Gaga.

The-of-one was soon being booked up for private parties, student unions and charity gigs, with her diary now full well into next year.

Leanne’s new job has been welcomed by her partner Jon and one-year-old daughter Molly who enjoys dancing along at rehearsals at their Greasbrough home.

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She said: “In the day I’m at play school and making buns like all the other mums and then at the weekend I’m dancing around on stage like a nutter.

“I’m quite a geek normally so to go from no make up and glasses to blue leotards and lobster head-dresses is quite strange.”


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