Last-minute cancellation of fashion show raises concerns for charity trip fundraiser

A VENUE apologised after a mix-up saw the last-minute cancellation of a fashion show organised to fund a charity trip to Africa.

The event was planned by a group of young people working with Rotherham United Community Sports Trust to raise £33,000 to volunteer helping children in Ghana.

The fashion show had been set for Silverwood Miners Welfare in Dalton – with more than 100 tickets sold – but no staff arrived to open the venue at 5pm as agreed.

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Joanne McCreath, whose daughter Ellie (17) is among the fundraisers, said: “At about 6.30pm, which was doors opening time, a man came speeding into the car park, told them he was unable to open the venue, was very rude and then left again leaving the young people, their guests who had already started arriving and the dance troupe who had travelled from Doncaster out in the car park.

“The company that had come to do the fashion show had no option but to pack up and leave, so the event had to be cancelled.”

Joanne (43) added: “They had the potential to make hundreds towards their fundraising but have not been able to as they were let down so badly.

“The kids were upset, the organiser was in tears and their guests were angry at how the kids had been treated.”

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The dancers even tried a short performance on the grass beside the car park to lighten the mood outside on the night, July 27.

A spokesperson for the miners welfare said: “Unfortunately, we had a misunderstanding on the night of the fashion show where one person thought the other was opening the venue for the event.

“Once we realised our error, we did open the centre and a number of people offered to help set up the event but this was declined.

“We have fully apologised to Rotherham United Community Sports Trust and we held a meeting with them this week to discuss what happened.

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“We have also offered to pay all their costs for the event and we are paying these today.”

The trust’s trip to Ghana is set to include helping at a children’s centre, assisting with teaching sports and English, as well as other projects within the community.

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