Lancaster Insurance 2017 Classic Motor Show

THE quality on show at what is by far the biggest classic car show in the UK is amazing.

It is incredible how many classics are available to view at the annual Lancaster Insurance 2017 Classic Motor Show at the NEC, Birmingham, and it really does put some strain on old person’s legs to cover all five halls.

Most of the cars actually look better than the day they came out of the showroom; people must have spent many hours in preparation of their coveted classic.

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It is always interesting to listen to conversations of those that know all the specs and how everything works in the cars of days gone by.

My assistant for the day, an early teenager, remarked “why is there so much space under the bonnet? Would it not have been better having more space for the passengers?” I was a bit stuck for an answer and just said “that is what it was like in those days”.

To list all the beautiful cars that were shown would take months but the usual super cars, Jaguar, Lamborghini , Aston Martin and Ferrari, could be closely examined.

I was struck by some of the prices in the dealers section, for some of the exciting models; they were not unreasonable with the condition from the outside absolutely great and it must make one think about your car purchase. Should I have an exciting oldy or have a modern car? Of course, if you are fortunate to be able to have the classic as the second car, that is just great.

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Five halls to cover and they all played their part to make the 2017 show  a real success.

Experts were helpful in steering  people the right way with their car problems, with a hall full of all the tools you could possibly need, one hall full of those difficult parts you need for your future project and others full of great cars and motorcycles.

Truly a must see show in the future.