Kate back after 10-year gap

ARTIST Kate Sully is back in Rotherham after a decade for a new exhibition.

Hidden Treasures and Pretty Maids In A Row are on show at the Arts Centre until April 24.

Kate is based in Sheffield but originally from Doncaster.

It features latest the Sheffield-based artists'  work from the last three years.

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The Hidden Treasure collection, funded by the Arts Council, was inspired by artefacts from the basement at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery.

She said: “I chose ten items including jewellery boxes, shells, pieces in glass cases and created work exploring contemporary ideas using the historical items.

With the jewellery boxes I made giant replicas using wood, velvet and digital images of what is precious in our world today including Jewel, an underwater image incorporating mixed media to create a magical world of beneath the sea and Ice, a jewellery box which is inspired by the melting ice caps and captures both its beauty and fragility.”

Also in this collection is Pearls of Wisdom, a series of large scale acrylic spheres containing images about the world and our need to protect it.

Kate added: “Pretty Maids All In A Row is a series of artworks exploring our world and our desire to manipulate and affect it."