John's work featured on smash-hit Inception DVD

PROMISING animator John Housley has won a dream spot on one of the biggest DVDs of the year.

The Rotherham student was stunned when his work was chosen to be included in one of the extras on the DVD of Leonard DiCaprio hit Inception.

A segment of animation created by the former Rotherham College of Arts and Technology media student is part of the documentary Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious.

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John’s animation features a foetus in the womb and relates to the idea that dreaming begins during foetal development.

It was chosen from an online file-sharing website and Internet community created by Inception actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as part of which fans were encouraged to upload animation, film, graphic images or music.

“It’s amazing that the Internet can give you opportunities like this and that something I made in my bedroom a few years ago for college can be included on a documentary for one of the year’s biggest films,” John said.

“It’s an exciting thing to have happen."

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Stuff like that doesn’t generally happen for people like me, so I’m just thankful that technology now can make it possible.”

John’s piece of work was created during his time on the BTEC National Diploma Media Moving Image course at RCAT.

He said: “Just before Inception was released in the cinemas, Joseph Gordon-Levitt started an online collaboration for the documentary along with documentary film-maker Roko Belic.

“They wanted some images and films which could fit with the ideas of dreams.

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“I’d already uploaded the animation I had made at college and decided to put it in the running to be included.”

John said that his time at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology had been a major stepping stone towards his goal of becoming a filmmaker. 

“Having everyone at college being so supportive and encouraging when it came to making films was an amazing thing,” he said.

“My tutors were always allowing my creativity to flourish and helped whenever I needed them throughout the whole two years.

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“I do miss the place, but hopefully one day I’d like to return and maybe pass on some of the things I’ve learned.”

John is currently studying a BA in film and television production at the University of Cumbria.

He also produces illustrations, some of which can be seen on his website at