Interactive installation arrives in Rotherham

The 'Palace' being constructed at another site (photo Bettina Adela Photography)The 'Palace' being constructed at another site (photo Bettina Adela Photography)
The 'Palace' being constructed at another site (photo Bettina Adela Photography)
AN INTERACTIVE outdoor installation that has travelled from London to the Highlands is arriving in Rotherham this week.

'The People’s Palace of Possibility' by Sheffield-based theatre and interactive arts company The Bare Project invites guests to step inside its multi-coloured, nomadic dome to create and collaborate.

The inventive pop-up installation will be at Mowbray Gardens Library from today (Thursday, September 14) until Sunday, October 1.

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Artistic director Dr Malaika Cunningham said: “The Palace has been touring the country since 2019 and it’s always growing.

“Right now, it has a radio station, a kitchen, a pantry, and an escape hatch.

“The Palace is added to and animated by people wherever it goes and we can’t wait to see what the people of Rotherham do with it.”

At Mowbray Gardens Library, the Palace will host live music, ‘craftivism’, and events including Rotherham Creative Network's next meet-up.

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Sarah Christie, programme manager for Rotherham’s Children’s Capital of Culture initiative – which co-commissioned the project alongside Flux Rotherham – said: “The Palace will host an incredible line-up of events throughout its three weeks in Rotherham, from street party celebrations to intimate supper clubs.

“Rotherham becoming Children’s Capital of Culture aims to empower young people of the borough to have a voice and shape their own future, and that’s exactly what this project is all about.

“It’s a vibrant space to do some dreaming and scheming.”

A launch party will take place between 11am and 3pm this Saturday (September 13), featuring live music, apple pressing and workshops.

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