I'm so glad to be a guilty pleasure!

WHEN you see the professionals gliding across the floor it gives you no idea of just how difficult it is to pull off the truly faultless foxtrot. Keeping the arms and shoulders in the correct position whilst dipping forwards and backwards and twirling roun

Saturday brought its ups and downs. I’m sure everyone in Wales was heartbroken to see our wonderful, dedicated team go down to the French by only one point. Wales is the small country with the BIG heart and we were all hoping to see our team make it to the finals. Well, it wasn’t to be, but we’ll welcome the boys home again knowing what a fine job they did and knowing in our heart of hearts that “we should have been there”!

 Then it was off to television centre, a few last minute practices with Flavia (where would I be without her?). A last minute costume check – all in white from top hat to tails except for the yellow dickey and then – on with the show.

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 It was another great evening. Everything goes so quickly. The lights, the music the audience make it a truly magical moment. Once again my spot on the floor comes towards the end of the show so it gives me a chance to nervously watch all the others and weren’t they great?

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 Everyone can see just how much effort has gone into the week’s practice sessions since last Saturday.  Six couples scoring over 30 points – wow!

 Rory and Erin’s quickstep was stylish and brilliant, Chelsee and Pasha’s cha-cha-cha saucy, rhythmical and energising while Jason and Kristina’s Tango was as Craig said, “stu-pen-dous!”

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 Then, in what seemed like the twinkling of any eye it was time for Flavia and I to hit the floor. What a huge cheer! That certainly put a spring in my step. As I said before the Foxtrot is more demanding than you might think, but Flavia was there by my side and with Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade” to dance to the moments passed all too quickly. Yet another standing ovation – it’s all just too wonderful for words.

And the judges were so kind. To be “Uplifting” and “Sunny” is all well and good but to be Alesha’s “Guilty pleasure” is really something! This week’s theme was Broadway and when Len said I put the show in showbiz I was over the moon!

Well, there we are, another week has gone. We say a fond farewell to Dan and Katya and we will all miss them so much.

Flavia and I are still hanging on in there and now we have to start practicing the Tango!!! If our Tango is as great as the one Robbie and Ola treated us to on Saturday then I really will have stars in my eyes.

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The huge waves of support and affection that have broken over me since the show began have been mind-blowing from Facebook and Twitter to email and snail mail so many messages of encouragement have come flooding in it simply takes my breath away.

 See you Saturday

Thanks for being there!

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