How I put the boy in Strictly's flamboyant!

AN early morning dash in the dark by car from Wales to London, and a busy day of interviews with newspapers and radio stations followed by an early evening appearance on “Strictly It Takes Two".

Talk about “Footloose” after a long day I kicked off my shoes with Zoe and did the interview in mystocking feet - clutching a cushion because, as I revealed to the viewers, the shirt was a tad tight and sometimes we all need a cushion!

No respite on Friday – another early morning start for BBC’s Breakfast Show. You’ll remember this was where I started back in the 80’s so in a strange way it was like coming home to be back on the couch! It was great to hear Alex and James sharing their thoughts about the show so far.

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More interviews on Friday and a vital last practice salsa session with Flavia so we will deliver the perfect performance on Saturday.

Flavia and I have had so many good luck messages from well-wishers it really gives us both such a big boost. It really means a lot to us to know you’re out there urging us on.

And so…. ON WITH THE SHOW…. And what a scintillating start from Chelsee and passion-packed Pasha one of three couples to scoop a magnificent 29 points.

Dan and Katya gave us some head over heels fun and my old buddy Lulu with partner Brendan bounced back with a fabulously graceful performance.

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Holly and Artem’s great cha-cha-cha performance last week was followed up this week with high kicking brilliance that even had Craig saying “Great!” – where will it all end?

Weren’t Robbie and Ola just so stylish and smooth they deserved their standing ovation, I was thrilled and once again our Craig loved it!

Jason and Kristina stole the show and our hearts, what a class act they are, they told a great story and their moves are just awe inspiring to watch.

I can’t go without mention wonderful Nancy and Anton, they were thrilling, exciting and all that “Strictly” is all about. Glitzy, glamorous, they kept going and showed us all a trick or two on the dance floor despite Nancy’s bad leg.

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After my results on Zoe’s campometer and Bruce’s Glastonbury gag about “camp as a row of tents” I was over the moon to be the “Dancing Queen” of the night and bring so much fun to the night that the judges thought I put “the boy in flamboyant”.

Of course I loved every milli-second and Flavia, my soulmate and inspiration once again showed me the moves that make her a champion. I hope I left you with a smile on your face and when Craig gives me a pat on the back I know I went starry-eyed!

Of course, this is “Strictly” and the voting process starts. It’s a bit hackneyed to say “Someone has to go”, but that is the name of the game! And so Edwina and Vincent have left us, a wonderful, gracious lady with a fabulous dance partner. Well Done Edwina!

And now I am off to practice my foxtrot!

“I hope you will be watching and enjoying the show the show next week your support and encouragement means so much to me and all of us.”

“Thanks for being there!”

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