Hospice patients can relax thanks to students’ CDs

PATIENTS at Rotherham Hospice welcomed the arrival of new relaxation CDs produced by two students.

Twins Jonathan and James Macmillan (17) created the calming recordings at Thomas Rotherham College.

The CDs feature the voice of occupational therapist Laura Smith along with soothing music and birdsong.

Patient Janet Groocock (72), from North Anston, suffers from a chronic illness and attends the day hospice.

She said: “I’m normally a very upbeat person and don’t give in to my illness.

“But I’ve had very bad health for the last few years and it had taken its toll.

“I didn’t really think I needed to be taught to relax but it’s been invaluable for me.

“But you can’t just attend for six weeks and then leave it. I’m delighted at the new, improved version of the old self-help CD, which has been invaluable to me. I play it virtually every day.”

Laura said: “The students did a really professional job, which saved us time and money and the work they produced will help patients for years to come.”

TRC student Jonathan Macmillan presents the relaxation CDs to Rotherham Hospice occupational therapist Laura Smith and day patient Janet Groocock.