Here's hoping Chelsee' s disco style finds favour

OOOOH it’s nearly Strictly time again, I am so very excited.

Sadly I’ve not been able to swot up on their training on It Takes Two (Zoe is fab by the way) as it’s been a busy week for me so my predictions are based on previous weeks’ performances.

I think that for many of this year’s celebrities the fast Latin dances will cause them problems, I’m thinking the likes of Rory, Lulu, Alex, Anita and Robbie who have all shown considerable skill in the Ballroom category.

So, if any of those have slow, controlled dances this week, I think they will do well. I may be wrong but a jive, salsa or cha cha-type dance could be less favourable for them.

Then again, with the right music and costumes they could blind the audience with entertainment and take the focus away from technique.

Audley on the other hand would benefit from an upbeat dance as he has got great rhythm despite those massive feet.

Russell and Nancy are in a league of their own when it comes to entertainment, in particular Russell who really does put a smile on my face. I can’t see him leaving anytime soon.

The leaders of the pack, overall for me, are Harry, Chelsee, Jason and Holly who should all be safe based on their ability.

I fear a little for Chelsee just because she has come under criticism from the judges for her ‘disco’ approach to technique and is not as well known as some of the others. I hope people will see the fantastic dancer in her and give Pasha time to control her moves (just not too much).

Based on previous weeks’ audience votes, I have to say I think Audley (even though I love him) and Nancy will be in the bottom two.

My prediction:

Top of the table: Holly

Relegated: Nancy

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