HEALTH & WELLBEING: You could see a physio first to get assessed without needing to see your GP

Local people can now have a NHS physiotherapy appointment assessment in a Rotherham GP practice near them. If you have back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, elbow, wrist or hand pain, knee hip or ankle pain or a sprain/strain the physio first service could help you to get better quicker without needing to see a GP.

Physiotherapists are highly trained professionals that are experts in managing injuries and helping people with aches and pains that impact on their body. The physiotherapists in the service have given a quick insight into a day in their life…

…Our profession is evolving as the wider health service is making the most of our skills in assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation, in roles that traditionally weren’t completed by Physiotherapists. The First Contact Physiotherapy Service in Rotherham is a perfect example of the trust placed in our skills, to look at helping people throughout the borough who have issues with pain or injuries.

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A standard clinic for our team would start in one of the physio hub locations between 7am and 8am to ensure that those patients who are off to work have the opportunity to be seen before work, if possible. Clinics run across Rotherham throughout the day and into the late evening, again giving people the chance to attend later appointments if this suits them better.

One of the things we love about our job is the variety in the people, and also the conditions we are assessing on a daily basis. A standard day could involve seeing people in their teenage years with acute injuries from sports, and all the way up to people breaking the 100 barrier who have issues with osteoarthritis. Because of this diversity, we have all undertaken and are continuing to embark on training that ensures we have the knowledge and skills required to manage the health of Rotherham and all its residents.

At your first appointment with us we look to ask you about the condition, you and your general health, what hobbies you have and what you do as an occupation.

We look to complete a physical examination to look at assessing the problem and coming to a diagnosis. Most conditions that cause pain or are related to an injury have great capacity to improve with simple advice and exercises which we will provide for you in the session.

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Throughout a working day we regularly see people in quite severe pain or who are not fit for work due to the nature of the condition they have. When this happens, we have clinicians who can prescribe medications if required, and we can also arrange any medications or sick notes that are required through your regular GP surgery.

As a team we really enjoy the diverse nature of the work and no two days are the same. The First Contact Physiotherapy team are more than happy to help patients to improve their condition.

Accessing the service is as easy as ringing your GP practice, speaking to reception who will often ask you some simple questions about your problem / condition and then look to navigate you to the most appropriate person.

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