HEALTH & WELLBEING: Sharing information to improve care

AN electronic system, Rotherham Health Record, for sharing your health information in a secure way with health and care staff who provide care directly to you, has been developed in Rotherham.

Health and care professionals, such as doctors and nurses, will see details of your existing records – such as those held by your GP, hospital or social care provider – to allow them to make the right decisions with you and for you. You will only have to tell your story once.

Your Rotherham health record will include information such as:

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Basic personal details including name, address, date of birth, next of kin.

List of diagnoses – to enable health and care staff to make better decisions and treat your condition better.

Details of any medications you are taking.

Details of any allergies.

Test results – to avoid having to repeat tests and speed up your treatment.

Letters, referrals and discharge information.

It is essential that care professionals delivering direct care to individuals in Rotherham have access to up-to-date and accurate information. In the past, when you have received care in a number of places in Rotherham, such as the hospital or GP practice, your information has been held on different computer systems. Having a more joined-up and co-ordinated record will improve the way information about you is shared in order to deliver better care.


Benefits of having a Health Record?

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You won’t have to repeat information about your health and social care to different people.

Professionals providing care to you will be able to find information about you when they need it.

Your care will be better co-ordinated, with health and care professionals able to make informed decisions about your diagnosis, treatment and care plan.

You will be able to avoid unnecessary appointments and tests.

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Clinicians and social care workers will have more time to spend looking after you because there will be less paperwork.

You can opt out of having your information shared through the Rotherham Health Record at any time. If you would like to opt out please use one of the following options:

Email: rotherhamhealth [email protected]

Write to: Rotherham Health Record Consent

Subject access request team, Rotherham Hospital, S60 2UD

Patient information is being distributed to public locations across Rotherham, providing more details about the Rotherham Health Record.

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