Granny Norbag delights Mayor of Rotherham in TV show visit

Captain Jack was tickled pink to see the Mayor of Rotherham, Councillor Robert Taylor, being paid a visit by local legend and soon-to-be-TV star Granny Norbag!
Mayor and Granny NorbagMayor and Granny Norbag
Mayor and Granny Norbag

Granny Norbag is the Yorkshire puppet and star of children’s picture books, music videos, songs, podcasts and theatre shows.

She has taken her show on the road to appear in schools, too.

The singing pensioner enjoyed a tour of the Town Hall with some of her 'Young Folk' from the Children's Capital of Culture programme and interviewed the Mayor for her new TV show which is due to air in the autumn.

Granny Norbag even managed to get Cllr Taylor to wear a bright pink wig while she read a poem to him that she had written!

As well as Rotherham Town Hall, the TV show will also feature Magna Science Adventure Centre, Clifton Park Museum, Wentworth Woodhouse, and Rotherham Civic Theatre.