Gallipoli exhibition at Clifton Park Museum shines light on tragic episode

AN exhibition at Clifton Park Museum is marking 100 years since the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.

The exhibition focuses on the men of the 6th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment and their involvement in the attempt to capture the Gallipoli peninsula, in Turkey, in August 1915.

The 6th Battalion were sent to help the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who had been unable to make an advance since April 1915.

Cllr David Roche, Advisory Cabinet Member with responsibility for Cultural Services, said: "Many people will have heard of the Gallipoli campaign and the role of soldiers from Australia and New Zealand — the ANZACs.

"But people may not be aware of the contribution made by many local men of the York and Lancaster Regiment and the conditions they endured.”

The display includes items such as personal accounts of the soldiers and their original diaries, including accounts of how they coped with the hardships of war and the struggles they had with food and water, mainly living on ‘bully’ beef and hard biscuits.”