Foxy featuring Lorraine Crosby

SHE’S sassy, sexy and soulful — and Lorraine Crosby is still wowing audiences after more than 30 years.

And at 52 she still has as much energy, enthusiasm and raw power in her voice as she ever did.

She also revealed to me before going on stage at Albion Road WMC in Rotherham on Friday that she is planning to marry long-time partner Stuart Emerson in October.

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He is guitarist in her band and she said: “We’ve been together for 27 years but we’ve never got round to marrying. Now it seems the right time.”

Among the guests will be one of her best friends Bonnie Tyler.

“We’ve often got drunk and fallen together,” she chuckled.

Lorraine appears in three guises these days — with Foxy as a four piece as she did at Albion Road; as a six piece with her own band’ and as a soloist.

“It just depends on the clubs’ budgets,” she says.

Regular clubgoers will be aware that her main claim to fame is that she sang with Meat Loaf on I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That).

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In the early 1990s, Lorraine sent songwriter and producer Jim Steinman some demos of songs she had written with Stuart.

Steinman asked to meet them so they decided to move to New York.

They then followed Steinman after he moved to LA. Steinman became their manager and secured them a contract with Meat Loaf’s recording label MCA.

While visiting the label’s recording studios on Sunset Boulevard, Lorraine was asked to provide guide vocals for Meat Loaf, who was recording I’d Do Anything For Love.

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Cher, Melissa Etheridge and Bonnie Tyler were considered for the role. The song was a commercial success, becoming number one in 28 countries.

However, as Lorraine had recorded her part as guide vocals, she did not receive any royalties from the song, nor was she actually credited on the album — the credit “Mrs. Loud” was used instead.

Neither did Lorraine appear in the music video, where model Dana Patrick mimed her vocals.

Meat Loaf promoted the single with American vocalist Patti Russo performing the live female vocals.

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Lorraine also sang additional and backing vocals on the songs Life Is A Lemon and I Want My Money Back, Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are, and Everything Louder Than Everything Else from the album Bat Out Of Hell II — Back Into Hell.

On these three selections, she was credited under her real name rather than the alias of Mrs Loud.

The full house at Albion Road loved the band on Friday — with Lorraine blasting out highlights like a Queen medley and songs by Journey.

How pleasing it is to see that the club is doing so well when others are struggling.

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There is entertainment four nights a week – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday – and usually pretty decent sized audiences.

Chairman Jack Whitmill is also one of the most pleasant on the circuit because, believe me, some are extremely difficult to work with!

He took on the job three years ago but it held no fears for him – he used to do the same job at the now demolished Canklow WMC which was very popular in its day.

What a shame it is no longer here.

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