Foxtrotting with Flavia's FABULOUS!

A SMALL change of routine this week. Instead of heading up to wonderful Wales after the weekend shows I stayed down south with my dear old dad. It was great not to have the late night journey but I do love my home and I miss all my friends in Snowdonia. It

Despite not having any long journeys to do it has still been a hectic week. Practicing the foxtrot with my soulmate Flavia has been taxing, for this, I suppose will be my first attempt at what could be described as a traditional ballroom dance. Even so Flavia is showing me some  "Fabulous" moves and, despite continuing twinges in my jangled leg, I am doing my very best to keep up.

Wednesdays “Strictly It Takes Two” was great fun. Zoe had a done a “Fabulous” count by tallying all the times I have said fabulous and wonderful over the last few practice sessions. I keep dishing out the superlatives, because that’s how I feel about the whole “Strictly” experience. The chance to dance with a wonderful partner who I feel totally in tune with. The music, the orchestra, the lights, the audience – it is all totally, absolutely fabulous and I love every minute.

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Of course the highlight of the week has to be Sir Bruce’s knighthood and the whole pomp and circumstance that goes with it. One of the national newspapers was kind enough to call me a “national treasure” this week; but we all know who is the true national treasure. The pleasure, entertainment and fun that the ever-gracious, consummate professional Sir Bruce has given us over the years makes him the real gem in entertainment’s diadem of stars and long may he continue.

I have also been lucky enough to be invited to revisit some of the West End theatres I appeared in in earlier days. My theatrical roots are strong and I love the stage and performance so it was a thrill to visit some of those world famous stages that I have been fortunate enough to perform on.

Now it’s a no-holds barred round of practice and rehearsal ready for Saturday night. I must say I am more than a little nervous about the foxtrot. I can rely on Flavia to see me through and I am working long and hard to make sure my performance will match hers. And that’s a BIG ASK!

If there is one thing that really keeps me going forward it’s the response I am getting from all of you out there. So many messages of support and encouragement. I am moved and literally speechless, which for me is really something!

And now I am off to practice my foxtrot!

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“I hope you will be watching and enjoying the show the show next week your support and encouragement means so much to me and all of us.”

“Thanks for being there!”

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