Eyes on the prize: Sherlocks aiming for No 1

The Sherlocks hope they've cracked the code of what makes a Number 1 album.

KEEPING all your plates spinning can leave you as dazed and confused as the wildest fairground ride - just ask Brandon Crook.

When I call for a chat about The Sherlocks’ fourth album - out now - the band’s drummer and social media manager admits he

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woke up more than a little foggy-headed – and the booze wasn’t to blame.

“We’ve been so busy I woke up this morning and I didn’t know where I was,” he admits.

“I hadn’t had a lot to drink

but it took me about five

minutes to figure out what I

did yesterday .

“It’s because I've got a million and one things to do.

“We have to keep the socials running and do all the management side of things - as well as travelling and playing.”

The title of the new album, People Like Me & You, alludes to The Sherlocks’ close relationship

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with their fanbase, built on their relentless touring and playing tiny venues in between massive UK tours.

While proud of their Bolton on Dearne roots, Brandon and singer-songwriter brother Kiaran, who both went to Wath Comprehensive, are not ones to look back - unless they’re forced to.

“Someone tagged us in a post on Facebook about how: ‘This is what hard work and belief in your music can do,’” Brandon says.

“There was a photo of literally three people watching us and, underneath that, 40,000 watching us at Tramlines.

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“We not really ones to look back. we’ve never really done that, but it’s nice someone’s recognised how hard we’ve worked.

"We’re always looking forward, and there’s always the next thing, whether it’s an album or a UK tour.”

With the album, there are high hopes: “I feel like we’re in a better spot than we've ever been and I'm pretty confident in saying we’re gonna sell more albums on

this than any other album,” says Brandon.

“We’ve just thought: ‘Right. let's get stuck in and just take it to the next level’ and that's what we've done.”

People Like Me & You is available now.

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