Everybody salsa . . . dicky hip permitting!

AFTER an exciting but exhausting Friday night and a glamorous Saturday evening in the company of all my Strictly friends it was a bit of downer to find myself heading home through the dark night in the early hours of the morning to North Wales.

It’s always worth the journey to get back to the wonderful mountains of Snowdonia and the warm hearts of friends and family who always “keep a welcome in the hillside”

Things were made a little worse on the long drive home because I took a tumble just before I did my cha-cha-cha on Friday and on the journey home my hip stiffened and began to ache. The hip may have stiffened, but so has my resolve. With the cheers of the audience ringing in my ears I’m determined to live up to the hopes of all those who want to see me do the best I can over the weeks ahead.

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There’s not much rest and relaxation to be had because by lunchtime on Monday Flavia was once again by my side with her special blend of enthusiasm and encouragement that gives me all the momentum and impetus I need to reach for my dancing shoes and hit the floor!

Tuesday morning found Flavia and I along with the BBC crew doing some local shots on the beach at wonderful Portmeirion, and in what seems to be turning into a habit – I took a tumble and emerged soggy and sandy. A quick change and back to the practice session.

“This weekend we are salsa dancing! Apparently it is danced on eight-beat music, with dancers moving on three beats, pausing for one, dancing for three, and pausing for one beat. There is usually a bit of a flourish a dramatic step forward, throwing out the hand or a kicking movement. Sounds right up my street!”

“Some say Salsa is mostly stationary, with little movement around the dance floor. Instead, dancers rely on the subtle movement of their legs and upper bodies to convey the energy of the dance. That should help the hip! But let’s wait and see what Flavia and I have in store for you.”

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“A whole week of practice and rehearsal then back to London early on Thursday for more practice and rehearsal ready for another big weekend.”

“I hope you will be watching and enjoying the show your support and encouragement means so much to me and all of us.”

“Thanks for being there!”


Watch Russell and Flavia on Saturday, BBC 1 at 6:05pm.

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