Early appeal to help bring Christmas cheer to Conisbrough streets

PLANS are afoot to brighten up Conisbrough with Christmas lights next winter, but time is running out to help make it happen.

Conisbrough Forward is running a fundraising appeal online to help fund the costs of street illuminations being installed before Christmas and removed in the new year.

They want to collect £4,500 to cover the £1,500 annual cost of installation, insurance, dismantling, testing and storage of the lights to cover the next three years.

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But their crowdfunding appeal has just over two weeks to go and the target is still some way off.

Penny Lloyd-Rees of Conisbrough Forward (pictured) said: “ For years, people in Conisbrough told us at our Christmas market that they missed having Christmas street illuminations in Conisbrough like there used to be, and although we bought Christmas trees for shops and put up other decorations it was the lights they wanted.

“So after a couple of years of raising money, we finally managed to buy some. 

“We hadn't realised how much having the lights put up and taken down would cost us but felt sure that as the residents and businesses in Conisbrough wanted the lights they would donate a small amount to see them in the village centre for the next few years. 

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“We reckoned that if even only half the households in Conisbrough donated £5 we would easily hit our target but despite some very generous pledges we are nowhere near our target. 

“I have been to every shop in Conisbrough with a letter explaining our dilemma and asking for support but to date only one business has supported us.”

Businesses, residents and community groups are urged to visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/conisbrough-forward before the deadline of Saturday, March 31, to find out more and make a donation.


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