Dance group shows off moves at Disneyland Paris

DANCE school principals Sheryl Moore and Nina Sykes said they were so proud of their pupils after they showed off their moves at one of Europe’s top theme parks.

Just Dance students were invited to Paris for a real Mickey Mouse trip which saw them strutting their stuff at the Disneyland resort.

Sheryl said the 43-strong group had enjoyed a breath-taking half-term, with their eye-watching Western-style show at the park’s Videopolis Theatre drawing plaudits from spectators.

Sheryl said: “Nina and I couldn’t be prouder of our pupils.

“They underwent many weeks of rehearsals to prepare for their debut and everyone worked so hard. 

“It wasn’t an easy task to arrange and prepare for this trip but it was all worthwhile in the end.

"We want to thank all the parents and families who helped to fundraise to get them there and to give a special thanks to Claire Shaw for their spectacularly unique costumes.

“This is an experience we will never forget.”

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