Corbynists invited to #JC4PM variety show

TICKETS have nearly sold out for a night of entertainment and politics in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

#JC4PM will be at the Sheffield Lyceum on Wednesday, May 11 featuring celebrity comedians Jeremy Hardy, Francesca Martinez and Josie Long as well as poetry and music.  

The night is part of a tour of the country that saw 3,000 attend the Bournemouth show last week.

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Tour promoter Crispin Flintoff believes Jeremy Corbyn is box office gold.

He said: “As Sheffield saw last year during the Labour leadership campaign, Jeremy Corbyn is able to draw massive crowds. 

“We’ve seen that his support is still strong throughout the country and the date in Sheffield will show the solidarity behind Jeremy from trade unions, students, Labour Party members and all those who support his vision of straightforward, honest politics.”

Any Corbynistas wishing to attend can buy tickets - starting from £8 - by visiting