Comedian Richard Herring asks: “can you ever be truly happy?”

THE PURSUIT of happiness was so vital to Americans they stuck it in their Constitution.

But is true happiness really attainable or can you always find more things to worry about?

That’s the question comedian and prolific podcaster Richard Herring aims to answer with his new show Happy Now? after becoming a dad last year.

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After years of drifting aimlessly and alone, Herring is now settled down with a wife and a tiny baby. Is he finally happy? Or does responsibility for the lives of others come with its own terrors?  

In his 12th solo stand up show, the comic examines whether we can ever hope to be or are meant to be truly content.

If we were never unhappy would happiness have any meaning? Why do our brains force us to envision the worst possible outcomes even on a day when everything seems fine?

Is there any system that will guarantee us eternal bliss or should we just embrace the fact that life is a vale of tears and our only option is to laugh in its face?

Happy Now? comes to Sheffield City Hall’s Memorial Hall on February 17.

For tickets, call 0114 2789 789.

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