CLIPPER CLUB: George Theobald visits Gulliver’s Theme Park at Rother Valley

This week Captain Jack heard from ten-year-old George Theobald who visited Gulliver’s theme park at Rother Valley and had lots of fun with his dad, auntie, and little sister Imogen, aged three.

HOWDY, partners!

Over to George for his review!

“I went on the diggers, the swings, the carousel and Imogen and I robbed the bank in the Wild West and got put in jail!

“I also liked shooting the water jets on the fire engine ride and we had a lot of fun on the little train and in the soft-play area.

“Imogen absolutely loved the gift shop, lol! But seriously, she liked the balloon Ferris wheel which apparently was very good. She went on it three times!


“My dad enjoyed the Slush drink and the dinosaurs in The Lost World and rated Gulliver’s 9.2 and four and a half stars.

“My auntie rated it 9.5 and gave it four and a half stars.

“I think it’s five stars and ten out of ten!”

By George Theobald — AKA my cowboy name “Chuck The Wild Jailbreaker”!