Choose the date for your Big Day carefully

Choosing a date plays a really big part in the type of wedding you have.

What season will you go for? What day of the week?

It's not as simple as marking a cross on your calendar - certain dates in the summer months, around bank holiday weekends and school breaks,  can be booked up two years in advance, so be prepared to wait or find an alternative.

Here are some of the things you need to think about when starting your wedding planning:

Is your venue available?

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Saturdays are still generally the most popular day. Depending how far in advance you book, you may be wise to keep an open mind.about which day you choose for your wedding. Fridays and Sundays are becoming increasingly popular and  at certain times of the year or for midweek celebrations.

Who is doing the honours?

Remember to check that a registrar, vicar, priest or minister is available on the day you choose.There are often limited slots for an area / church so there is no point booking a venue if you can't find someone to perform the ceremony.

Is your big day somebody else's big day?

There are obvious diary dates like Christmas, Easter and bank holidays which restrict when you can get married.

Other things to think about are major sporting events - you don't want guests escaping to watch the World Cup or Six Nations!

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Is there a village fair on the date which may affect traffic and parking? Check with your local authority and tourist information office to see if there is a clash.

Don't let it rain on your parade . . .

The weather is totally out of your control and although you can have a rough idea about the temperature and average rainfall, it is better to plan for any outcome.

Winter weddings although beautiful,  do run a bigger risk of snow and may limit the use of outdoor space at your venue.

But don't bank on an outdoor wedding in August because there is no guarantee it will stay dry.

Can your guests get the time off?

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People's working patterns are varied and while some people work 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, others still work weekends.

Remember that if you are asking people to book time off work, it may affect who can attend.Nearer the time it is wise to check the weather forecast so you can buy pretty umbrellas or parasols - maybe even a pair of white wellies!

And can you?

Do you have a busy period? Maybe it is worth checking with colleagues if you can have a few days off before the wedding so your work stress doesn't add to your pre-wedding nerves.




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