CD REVIEW: Silence/Win by Kim Churchill

AUSSIE singer-songwriter Kim Churchill’s fourth album is an interesting blend of the bland and the blinding.

At its best, it captures some of the emotional resonance of Joshua Radin’s debut Underwater, which struck a chord with me last year.

But there is still too much flimsy filler overshadowing the real high-quality efforts.

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Three tracks stand out — Don’t Leave Your Life Too Long, a folksy and passionate exhortation to live life to the full, Canopy, a much rockier affair, and the Coldplay-like Backwards Head, all showing the promise of his song-writing and the power of his soulful voice.

But they’re each bookended by more forgettable fare, dragged down by acoustic noodling and light-touch vocals.

It’s a shame, because this album — released in 2014 but only now available in the UK — shows Churchill’s potential.

As it stands, though, any breakthrough hit he can muster could be undermined by a shortage of quality material to back it up.

Silence/Win is released on Atlantic Records UK on August 28.

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