CD REVIEW: In Our Bones by Against the Current

Jonathan Shield reviews the debut album by US pop-rock band Against the Current.

TAKE a copious helping of that mid-Noughties teeny-bopper craze Paramore, mix in a pinch of Diana Vickers’ ethereal warbling and top off with a dash of Ellie Goulding, and you’d end up with something rather like In Our Bones, the debut offering from New York upstarts Against the Current.  

Boasting their very own prototype of Paramore’s taliswoman Hayley Williams in the striking Chrissy Constanza, Against the Current serve up a heady cocktail of teen angst and world-weary cynicism via pulsing basslines and inoffensively rebellious lyrics like “We got too big for the cage, you locked us up in.”

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Things go full-on Kevin the Teenager once too often in the opening tracks, until the title song ail breathes upbeat, pop bubblegum life through the record’s darkened rafters.

Meanwhile, the incendiary Blood Like Gasoline will get you hot under the collar, and the uptempo Running with the Wild Things virtually outlaws sitting still for three minutes.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last ten years, there’s little to surprise you with In Our Bones, but much to entertain.

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