British Heart Foundation takes heart from Rotherham walk

ORGANISERS celebrated a successful first Circle of Hope event for the BHF — and set their sights on widening the circle of support in future.

The British Heart Foundation organised the sponsored walk and other events as part of Rotherham’s Heart Town commitment to improving health.

Circle of Hope on Saturday saw big-hearted supporters running, hula-hooping, swimming, cycling and playing football to raise awareness and money.

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More than £2,000 was raised for the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal to tackle heart failure, which occurs when muscle damage means blood cannot be properly pumped around the body.

Simple tasks like shopping become a real struggle and three-quarters of those with severe heart failure will not live beyond five years.

The BHF has appealed for more members of the public, companies and schools in Rotherham to support them in their fight for every heartbeat.       

To find out more about organising your own fund-raising event for the BHF, or if you are interested in volunteering in your Heart Town, call June Thomas on 01909 518062 or email [email protected]

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