ALBUM REVIEW: A Celebration of Endings by Biffy Clyro

A BLEND of tinder box tracks and the odd tender love song, Biffy Clyro's latest shows they still know how to get under the listener's skin.

A Celebration of Endings is not without ambition, from dramatic key changes to stark shifts in tone.

But more importantly, it's also ripe with crunching riffs and choruses made for a sweaty singalong in a packed-out venue (something that still seems a way off).

Highlights include the infectious Tiny Indoor Fireworks, building from from Simon Neil's opening call of “Hey, hey, hey!” through a rattling guitar line to a chorus which finds Neil “praying for a better day”.

The accompanying video is well worth checking out, fusing home recorded performance footage of the three band members shot during lockdown with line drawing-style animation recalling A-Ha's landmark Take on Me.

Also worth a listen is Instant History, another ready-made single, beginning with an eerie gospel quality but soon safely in rock stomper territory.

The tender, string-laden Space has also made it onto my most-played list, bearing repeated plays and showing the Biffy trio are as comfortable channelling their romantic side as surging through an anthem.

Little else comes closer to these three tracks but the standard is still pretty solid throughout, and Neil's distinctive Ayrshire-inflected delivery is always appealing, especially in harmony with bandmates Ben and James Johnston.

Firm fans will find this a worthy addition to the Clyro canon and for everyone else, there are a few additions to the greatest hits playlist. 


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