A 'real high' for the Giant Ferrero Rocher!

It's been a busy time since I last had a chance on Thursday to update my blog. A busy but exciting and even exhilarating time.

The days have passed in a melee of press interviews, practice sessions and preparations for the big show on Saturday.

I have even had a couple of photo shoots for the glossy, celebrity magazines so I hope you'll have as much fun seeing the photos as I had during the shoot.

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Saturday night was a real high. Great dancing and great scores for Harry and Aliona and don't they deserve their place at the top of the scoreboard.

They are just so fantastic on the floor the rest of us just look on in admiration.

Chelsee and Pasha's Foxtrot was "Elegant, graceful, gorgeous and sophisticated" and it earned them a well deserved second place with only one point behind Harry and Aliona.

Holly and Brendan shared third place Jason and Kristina and once again they bring that special starry something to the evening.

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It fell to me to bring the show to an end with one of my favourite songs "I am what I am" from the hit show - La Cage aux Folles.

Well I was what I was and I had the greatest time dancing the American Smooth with Flavia and I think I did pretty well all things considered.

Did you like the quick change? I have never been in and out of my clothes quicker! A standing ovation thrilled me to bits.

The audience loved it. I loved it and I hope you loved it too.

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Len dubbed me "the Giant Ferrero Roche" and followed it up with a "Well Done!"

I took Alisha to a "fun place" and Bruno thought I "couldn't wait to get out of the closet."

A single "immortal" from Craig crowned my night.

Did you like the video before the dance with multiple me's coming out of the woods to serenade the fabulous Flavia.

We had some real fun and laughs doing that with the BBC crew up in the beautiful hills of my home in Wales.

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Sunday brought us together for the results show and we had to say good bye to the Big Man with the Big Heart.

Audley and Natalie bowed out with their usual grace. We will all be sad to see them go, but that's the way the show goes and sooner or later we will all go except for the wonderful winner of this year's show.

Now I have a very busy week ahead of me. The Wembley show looks like being a true extravaganza. There are extra practice sessions built into the schedule.

In between rehearsals there are more interviews and photo shoots to keep me busy.

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Whatever you do don't miss Saturday's show I can promise you it will be something special and you'll see things you never thought you'd see and I can promise you, you'll never see again! Intrigued? Tune in and watch!

More from me on Thursday about how the week has gone.

Thanks again for all your wonderful messages and the encouragement you send. It means so much to me.

If you are one of those who have sent me a message I must ask for your patience.

Usually I deal with them all promptly and reply straight away, but the BBC have sent all the messages to my home and because this week is so busy I have to stay in London so I won't be able to deal with the post until I get home again next Monday.

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Just one special mention - thank you to young James in Stockport for sending me a drawing of Flavia and I getting 10 points from each of the judges and thanks to Madeleine and Violet Karczewski for her drawing and her kind words. They are both up on the fridge!

Thanks for being there - and keep dancing!