Paloma has Faith

At the sold out gig, the stage was in total darkness until a single spotlight revealed her full length glittering gold gown and orange curls pinned high above her 50’s inspired make-up.

JESSICA FOGARTY speaks to PALOMA FAITH when she stops off at the o2 Academy Sheffield on her 2013 UK tour.

Centre stage is certainly where the 31 year old singer and actress belongs.

The London born performer released her debut single ‘Stone Cold Sober’ back in 2009, and has since recorded two platinum selling albums, and appeared in three British feature films.

And with two Brit Awards nominations and a BAFTAs performance already under her wings in 2013, we find out what’s next for Paloma Faith...

Q You have such a unique voice. How would you describe your music?

A My music portrays an honest account of what I’m going through in life — being truthful is important to me. I don’t often hear of anyone comparing my music, I like to think I have my own sound. I do often get compared to Billie Piper looks-wise though. Personally, I don’t see the resemblance, but she’s a pretty girl so I see it as a compliment.

Q When did you first discover your musical talents?

A I always knew I wanted to perform, but singing wasn’t the path I thought I'd take in life. I danced from being four years old, then went on to work as a burlesque dancer, then a magician’s assistant, alongside working as a shop assistant and barmaid. I sang in the pub where I worked for a bit of extra cash, and one day I got scouted by a record label. That’s how my music career started. I’ve grafted.

Q You took a break from singing to film St Trinian’s. Is acting something you enjoyed and would like to do again?

A Definitely. Music and acting go hand in hand. I’m a performer and entertaining audiences is what I love to do. Acting is a way to escape from who you are for a while, and I like that. I’d certainly consider another film if the opportunity came my way.


Q You are as well known for your style as you are for your sound. How would you describe your image?

A I’d describe my style as Hollywood 50s glamour. I think I should have been born in the olden days. I don’t suit the modern era.

Q Who are your style icons?

A I love looking at old photos from the 1950s for style inspiration, and I take inspiration from country and western icons like Dolly Parton.

Q Are there any current music artists you admire?

A I’m a fan of American musician Andre 3000, and Jake Bugg — he’s a 19 year old singer songwriter from Nottingham. He’s got serious talent.

Q Congratulations on your 2013 BRIT awards nominations. Did you enjoy the show?

A Thanks — I felt elated. I was over the moon to be nominated for not one, but two awards — best British female solo artist and British album of the year. Being nominated is as good as winning for me; I'm just happy my music is acknowledged. I always think, yeah it would be amazing to win, but do I really want to make that awkward winners speech?

Q You went from centre stage to back stage at the BRIT Awards launch party, what was that like?

A Yeah, I was guest presenter at the nomination awards party. I went behind the scenes to get the inside scoop, musician to musician. I was nervous at first, but I know most of the artists anyway so it was just like having a chat with my mates.

Q What was it like performing at the BAFTAs?

A A real honour. I was surprisingly nervous when I saw all the famous faces on the red carpet, then after the show Samuel L Jackson came to congratulate me on my performance. He said: “You did an amazing job”. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you know you’ve impressed Samuel L Jackson.

Q What are your fans like up north and do you get to spend much time in Yorkshire?

A I lived in Leeds for three years, so I jump at any chance to gig back up north. People connect with me better here — I’m a friendly girl and I want to talk to people, not like the Southerners, they think I'm a crazy stalker because I talk to everyone.

My Sheffield gig was extra special this year too. I had performed at the BAFTAs the night before, so I decided to perform in my BAFTAs full length gold dress. I had to explain to the crowd that I had been changed — I hadn't spent the night at George Clooney’s and gone straight to the next gig — I just really loved the dress and wanted to get my wear out of it before I gave it back.