Matt is on fire - Matt Cardle

HE’S been hidden away in the studio for the past year, but now singer/songwriter Matt Cardle is back in the limelight, ready to release his second album ‘The Fire’.

JESSICA FOGARTY meets the 2010 X Factor winner who tells us more about his new material and what he has planned for the year ahead...

Q Tell us about your new album and why you named it ‘The Fire’?

A Basically, the whole album describes the way I felt when I was in love, then when it all went wrong. It sounds depressing but it’s not, the music is really uplifting, but behind the lyrics is a lot of heartbreak. The Fire is the name of my title track and the name of my album.

Q So will your fans be pleased to hear you’re single at the moment?

A Haha, yes, I am single at the moment. Life is good.

Q How long did the album take you to produce?

A This album is so different to my first album. The first time round I was being told what to do, when, and where, but with this album I've been in control. I’ve taken my time and got it just how I wanted it. I spent a long time writing the music, but once that was completed, it seemed to come together quite quickly.

Q You produced the album in London, Toronto and LA, why those places?

A I did some collaborations with artists who live in Toronto and I did a few gigs in LA earlier in the year. They are breathtaking places that I fell in love with. I decided to film my music video in LA, it was ridiculously hot, but you look around and think, wow.

Q What is your favourite song on the album?

A Track number nine called Lately. I bought myself a piano last Christmas, and this was the first song I wrote for the piano. It’s a long song, just over five minutes, but it grows and grows to a big end.

Q What instruments do you play?

A I play the classic guitar, electric, bass, drums and piano. I’ve been playing guitar and drums since I was ten years old, but piano is something I've learnt more recently.

Q Do you keep in contact with any one from the X Factor show?

A I’m good friends with Dannii Minogue, we speak quite often and I keep in touch with Aiden Grimshaw and the guys from One Direction.

Q Did you watch the 2012 X Factor show? Who was your favourite?

A I managed to find time to watch a couple of episodes. I'm a big fan of Ella Henderson — she’s got an amazing voice.

Q Are you planning a tour for next year?

A At the moment I'm focusing on the album launch, but yes, I will definitely be planning a tour at some point. I have some great fans up north and Yorkshire will no doubt be a stopping point when I do tour.

Q It’s a special birthday for you soon too — How will you be celebrating the big 30?

A Don’t remind me! I hate celebrating birthdays, and even more so this year as it’s a ‘big one’. I’m sure I'll do something when the time comes, I'm not that miserable but at the moment I'm not thinking about it, I'd prefer to celebrate still being 29.


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